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Elasmodiver Diving with elasmobranchs
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Center for Shark Research Mote Marine Lab
Alaska Shark Assessment Program
Sharks Australian National University and Australian National Aquarium
Page of Sharks
All About Sharks
Sharks as a Masterpiece of Evolution The Life and Times of Long Dead Sharks
Miocene Shark's Teeth of Calvert County Maryland Geological Survey
Functional Morphology of Dermal Denticles
The Whale Shark Bibliography
J. Cole's Elasmobranch Biology Research
Elasmobranch Information Guide
Elasmobranchomorpha Classification
Sharks of Hawaii
Sharks: Predators of the Deep by Jan Koetze Photos of great white sharks
Sharks of Maryland and Delaware
Shark Information and Conservation Page
Ban Shark Feeding
American Elasmobranch Society Home Page
Shark Research Program Florida Museum of Natural History
Zambezi Shark Page
The Basking Shark Project
Project Shark Conservation International Wildlife Education and Conservation
Jason VII Project
Monterey Bay Aquarium
Key to Shark Teeth by Robert W. Purdy, NMNH
Pelagic Shark Research Foundation
Introduction to the Chondrichthyes UC-Berkeley
Great White Shark Page by Dr. Douglas J. Long
Shark paintings by Mark Hutchinson
Fish FAQ
Dolphin Whale & Shark Gift Store
Brian Switek's Shark page

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